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Our attitude towards sex work

HOT Group AG (The parent company of Hot.ch) is committed to transparent, legal, self-determined sex work based on universal human rights. We believe that sex workers must be better protected from violence, exploitation and discrimination, and that the stigmatization of this profession in Swiss society must be reduced. We are not of the opinion that sex work is in every case entangled with coercion and exploitation. A large part of the sex workers choose this profession self-determined as a gainful employment, mostly for the reason that with sex work of very much more can be earned than with another profession. Of course, in most cases this does not mean that sex work is the first choice, but primarily the above-average earnings is the decisive factor to pursue this profession. However, since in most cases there are alternative jobs to sex work that allow for survival, we are clearly of the opinion that nowadays in Switzerland a large part of sex work is self-determined. The sex work that is not self-determined, and therefore also illegal, must be fought with all means.

In our opinion, sex work should be accepted as self-determined work. This does not mean, however, that we believe that all regulations and restrictive laws regarding sex work are wrong and should be rejected. Sex work often happens in secret, and sex workers, while often strong as individuals, are structurally among the most vulnerable in our society. Especially foreign sex workers often lack basic language skills, knowledge and understanding of the Swiss legal system, a social network in Switzerland and often a trustworthy environment. All this and more makes sex workers an easy target for exploitation and abuse, and therefore we are of the opinion that especially in sex work clear laws should prevail, and these should be controlled and enforced.

However, we are clearly against high bureaucratic hurdles or high costs to pursue sex work or to open a studio. We believe that high bureaucratic hurdles, or high costs (taxes, insurance, etc.), lead to more sex workers working illegally, as they cannot overcome the hurdles, and are thus exposed to greater dangers (exploitation, abuse, etc.) and have less legal security.

We support the existence of sauna clubs, escort services, studios, etc. as long as they operate in a fair and legal framework, because in most cases they provide important services that especially migrants and / or foreigners who are active in sex work usually could not provide themselves (e.g. obtaining the (work) permits & insurance and support with other bureaucratic hurdles, providing working rooms, ensuring good working conditions, advertising and marketing of the services offered by the sex workers, referral of customers, etc.).

We see a big problem in the lack of transparency in sex work. Sex workers who do not carry out the activity in a self-determined way, are addicted to drugs, or need other help, often remain undetected for too long, and in many cases they are not discovered at all. On the other hand, there are also cases in which sex workers cheat, steal or sometimes even hurt their clients. Hot Marketing AG has set itself the ultimate goal of creating more transparency. With the help of user feedback in cooperation with strong control mechanisms on Hot.ch, grievances are uncovered and providers who violate the rules of hot.ch are blocked.